Merchant FAQ


1. To register as a Merchant, you must register online and complete the application process at the site.

2. Eligible merchant:
    (i) Corporate Merchant: Registered under the Business Names Act, Companies Act under Brunei Law
    (ii) Individual Merchant: ages 18years old and above.
    (iii) Basic Merchant: ages 18years old and above.

3. Merchants are required to upload the relevant documents online:
    (i) Corporate Merchant: Business Names Registration / Form 16 & 17 / Form x / Authorization Letter
    (ii) Individual & Basic Merchant: Brunei Identification Card (IC)

4. Once registered, we will guide you on how to setup your store and sell your products online.


You may choose one of this Merchant Plan:

Merchant Plan Corporate Individual
Fee B$120 / Yearly Unlimited images B$60.00 / Yearly Unlimited Images
How do I pay for Merchant registration fee?
For Merchant registration fee payment, you may choose to pay at:

1. Letsbuy Office
    Unit 04-A and 04-B, 2nd Floor,
    BangunanGadong Properties, LOT 25359,JlnGadong, BE4119
    Bandar Seri Begawan, Negara Brunei Darussalam


2. Online Payment via
    Amex / Visa / Master Credit & Debit Card


3. Bank transfer via:
    Integrated Communications SdnBhd

    Baiduri Bank
    Integrated Communications SdnBhd

Please send a screenshot of the receipt for proof and verification to Whatsapp +6738998086 or email us at


Selling on is easy! Posting takes just takes minutes: add pictures, describe the item, and set your price.

How long does it take to post items online?
After you added the item/product, we will review your product before it published online and you will receive an email confirmation.

What are the items that I can sell?
You can sell any product that is not prohibited by the law of Brunei Darussalam. We allow new and used items to be sold. Any used items should be marked as Pre-loved and should be described clearly. You must ensure that all information on your listing of products is not misleading but accurate and complete.

How do I estimate the selling price of my item?
The price should be consistent with your item's brand and condition as well as current market demand.

How does selling work?
Selling on is easy! Posting takes just takes minutes: add pictures, describe the item, and set your price.


Please refer below:

Automotive & Accessories 8%
Babies & Toys
Fashion & Accessories
Home & Lifestyles
Health & Beauty
Food & Beverage 5%
Electronic & Gadgets 4%
Electrical Appliances
You acknowledge that we reserve to vary, amend or change the Commission Fee as set out in the Commission Schedule at any time we deem necessary.

We reserve the right to increase or reduce the fees for a specific transaction in our own and absolute discretion.

When will I received my payment?
You agree that every item you sell is subject to a fee as set out in the Commission Fee Schedule. This Commission fee is payable to us. You authorized us to deduct any Commission Fee due and payable to us from your account with us. You will receive the nett payment once a month before the 10 th of the following month based on the Merchant sales report.


How do I deliver an item to a buyer?

Customer can select for delivery of the items to the address specified in the order subject to the delivery fees.
Customers can select delivery option:
        1. Self pickup at Merchant Store
        2. i. Standard Delivery
            ii. Express Delivery

It is your responsibility to prepare the item as soon as the purchase order has been received via email and arrange the delivery to customer.


The customer can only allow exchange of goods if they are defective or damaged. If they have received any defective or damaged goods, they should promptly contact the you directly with details of the product and the defect within 3 days of purchase.

To be eligible for an exchange on defective items, the item must be unused and in the same original packaging when they received the items.

Preowned/Preloved items and Downloadable products and services are non exchangeable.

To complete customer exchange of goods, they will need to present their proof of purchase to the you.